Founded by Maureen Carlson Reinertsen, a Basel-based American architect, h.o.m.e.s. has grown since 1996 to become the recognized provider of quality relocation and housing services in Northwest Switzerland.

h.o.m.e.s. GmbH offers a tailor-made experience in housing and relocation services for multi-nationals, for small-to medium-size companies, and for private individuals. We offer our clients top quality services, matching their needs to the market. We are independent of realty companies and third party providers and therefore provide our clients with impartial advice and solutions.

Our dynamic team offers over 15 years of expertise in Swiss relocation and related industies. Each relocation specialist has experienced a number of relocations on four continents. We are highly trained, multi-lingual and extremely flexible, sensitive to the issues involved in moving household, family and office to a new environment and culture.

Our business philosophy emphasizes:

  • professional excellence & efficiency
  • speed, thoroughness & communication
  • anticipation of needs & creative responses
  • client satisfaction creating a bond of trust
  • know-how through our network

Our sister company for corporate furnished accommodation and property management is AAA Furnished Homes, GmbH