h.o.m.e.s. GmbH was founded in 1996. In 2019, Claudia Sutter took over the company and we moved to a new home, Rheinsprung 7 in Basel. From our office directly on the fast-flowing Rhine, we help clients from all over the world every day.

We work independently and offer our clients impartial advice and service. Our know-how covers such topics as schools, apartments, registration, city tours, insurance, cars, and bank accounts, as well as more complicated and individual problems—we can find a solution to anything.

Our extensive local network and flexible approach continually helps us to find new ways to help our clients. We are very fast, flexible, open, and innovative. We speak five languages, have a lot of knowledge about the world, and look forward to opportunities to meet new people and learn about other cultures while introducing our clients to life in Basel.